Cochrane Linked Data New Opportunities

Cochrane's Linked Data Project will transform the use of Cochrane information sources by helping users:

  • find information about Populations/Patients/Problems, Interventions, Comparisons, and Outcomes (PICO) consistently and effectively
  • gather PICO data together and analyze it
  • link from external sources to Cochrane sources – and vice versa – to enrich insight from healthcare evidence

Cochrane Systematic Reviews, studies, and analyses (intervention comparisons) are being PICO annotated. Through that PICO annotation, based on a Cochrane ontology aligned with established healthcare vocabularies, potential links to other healthcare data sources can be made.

Cochrane Innovations research
Cochrane Innovations is investigating ways in which Cochrane’s Linked Data developments might be of interest, beyond the Cochrane Community, to those:
  • developing linked data strategies in health care;
  • using PICO in managing and interpreting healthcare data, or wanting to do so.
Potential opportunities might include: 
  • Developing search interfaces / analytics for PICO data
  • Matching PICO data beyond Cochrane with relevant Cochrane data
  • Capturing, and linking, related data relevant to specific PICOs
  • Developing PICO-based surveillance of newly published RCTs
  • Developing and sharing PICO data during systematic-review production processes

We will be delighted to speak with those interested in this initiative. If you would like to find out more, please contact